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Become a We...Art Host Venue

We…Art Host Venue Project


The Twin Cities community has offered much in the way of support of the arts and has been the home of several artistic movements throughout time.  However, the cities have not developed any significant movements in the visual arts scene for several decades. We...respect and appreciate artists and how our creations transform our world, believes in the vital role that we play and that our status and compensation should reflect our contribution. It is for these reasons that We…has formed an artist collective and is providing opportunities and services for local artists to achieve their goals.  We…is breaking the mold of the art world in the Twin Cities and beyond. We…Artist Collective creations are on display and for sale in restaurants, salons, hotels, fitness clubs, residential developments, and various commercial properties throughout the Twin Cities. in business to change how art is seen, created, worn, shared, found, and sold in the Twin Cities.  Support local artists and our mission to change the art world in the Twin Cities by partnering with us as a We…Art Host Venue!


Art Host Venue Details


Duration of Consignment

  • Host Venue will sign on for 4 quarterly rotations of artwork per annual contract. This will include the curation, installation, and strike of artwork from a different We Collective artist per quarter for one year

  • Only work that is appropriate to the setting and the nature of the Venue shall be allowed

Installation and Transportation

  • Artist and Curator will install the artwork

Promotion and Sales

  • The Artist, Curator, and Host Venue will use their best efforts to promote the exposure and sale of the artwork. We… is responsible for the sale of the artwork and collection of payment and taxes from the buyers


  • Sale of any piece hanging at the Host Venue during the show is subject to 10% commission owed to the Curator, 10% commission owed to the Venue, and the remaining 80% to the Artist

Curation Fee

  • Host Venue pays a Curation fee per exhibition per quarter

Responsibility for Loss or Damage

  • Loss damage are covered by either the Curator or the Artist

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