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Minneapolis South resident ALW shares a family history of creatives who have used various mediums of expression in connecting and expressing with their spirituality.  The artist has dabbled in creative works from culinary to canvas, but continues to return to her passion of functional art.  In this realm, she often uses found objects that can be repurposed or revived, with a focus on releasing creations out into the world where they can be seen and used.


After years of inspiration and encouragement from other local artists such as Tshisuaka Tshiakatumba, Britta Gleason, and Kevin Devine, ALW transformed her creativity from hobby to obsession, to career.  In early 2021, ALW began studying under the artist Trace and through this relationship the We Artist Collective, Studios and Gallery was born.  Trace and ALW brought their visions of a shared studio space and gallery for local working artists to life in the Lyn Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis during the summer of 2022.  The duo plans to outgrow their space and vision by 2024 when We expands to other cities, states, and countries while continuing to provide opportunities, mentorship and education to creatives who aspire to build careers in the artworld.







ALW - Canvas

ALW - Canvas

ALW - Canvas
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