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We...Artist Collective

about the collective... 

We...respect and appreciate artists and how our creations transform our world, believe in the vital role that we play, and that our status and compensation should reflect our contribution. It is for these reasons that We…has formed an artist collective with members at various levels who receive benefits and services based upon their membership level.  Member benefits include access to art studios and multiple opportunities to display and sell art. We…also serves as liaison between artists, host venues, and collectors, which includes contract negotiations, bookings, and public and private showings at We...Studios. As members of the collective, artists have access to We...benefits at below-market rates, which provides the opportunity to achieve a higher level of income and lesser expense than is currently available in the Twin Cities. in business to change how art is seen, created, worn, shared, found, and sold in the Twin Cities.

Due to capacity/space constraints, Featured Artist Memberships are available to 10 artists in 2022.  Featured Artists benefits include all of the Artist Liaison Services. Additional members of the collective will be invited to participate in many of these benefits as well.  However, (*) items are limited to Featured Artists only and quarterly bookings and mural commissions will be based on availability. All members of the collective pay a monthly membership fee and a percentage of sold works.

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