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Become a part of the We...Artist Collective

Due to capacity/space constraints, Featured Artist Memberships are available to 10 artists in 2022.  Featured Artists benefits include all of the Artist Liaison Services listed below. Additional members of the collective will be invited to participate in many of these benefits as well.  However, (*) items are limited to Featured Artists only and quarterly bookings and mural commissions will be based on availability. All members of the collective pay a monthly membership fee and a percentage of sold works.  A minimum 3-month committment is required.


 Member Benefits

  • Studio Use/Placement—studio space ranging from 200-400 square feet per artist (unlimited use of private studio for Featured Members)*

  • Working in community with other local artists

  • Quarterly Bookings Work will be in rotation--a new location/quarter

  • Local Shows (Solo and Collective)—1 each per quarter on-site at We…studios

  • Art Fairs (Collective)

  • Mural Commissions

  • Artwork Catalogued and Sold on the We…website

  • Private showings*

  • Commission/Contract Negotiation

  • Bulk Pricing on Materials with Group Orders*

  • Sales/PR/Marketing Support

  • Grant Writing*

Fee Structure for Featured Artist Membership

$500 Monthly fee + 20% Commission on sold work


Fee Structure for Basic Membership

$200 Monthly fee + 30% Commission on sold work*

*(This membership includes 40 studio hrs/mo in shared studio space)

$  100 Monthly fee + 40% Commission on sold work

Membership Form
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